• Welcome

    The Nittany Valley Society fosters a spirit of community across time for Penn Staters, Central Pennsylvanians, and friends through a knowledge of our past, an appreciation for our present, and an affection for our spirit as a living treasury for our future.

  • Conserving Mount Nittany

    “Conserving Mount Nittany: A Dynamic Environmentalism,” by Thomas A. Shakely is the first complete history of Central Pennsylvania’s most famous mountain. It is the story of a people’s extraordinary response to an ordinary Pennsylvania mountain.

  • The Pennsylvania State College

    Virtually every page of Dr. Erwin Runkle’s never-before-published history of Penn State, The Pennsylvania State College 1853-1932: Interpretation and Record, holds a new treasure for any heart that truly loves the name of Dear Old State.

  • Legends of the Nittany Valley

    The Penn State spirit has always lingered in the Nittany Valley. Before Penn State was born it was the spirit of Princess Nita-Nee, and the legends of Henry W. Shoemaker collected here convey this magical and profoundly meaningful folklore to a fresh generation.

  • The Craft Brew Revolution

    Too often, we fail to see beyond the modern “Animal House” college culture… Whether you are a certified “beer geek” or just discovering the wide world of beer, you will find “The Birth of the Craft Brew Revolution” as satisfying as the best porter, stout, or lager.

Our Mission

As the Nittany Valley's cultural conservancy, we bring people together in fellowship to share common experiences.

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Nittany Valley Press

Discovering the treasury of culture nestled in the Nittany Valley only happens when our history is accessible.

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Speakers Circle

We provide scholars and experts on a range of topics to civic, student, and community groups across Pennsylvania.

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