Visiting Pittsburgh

By Chris Buchignani, March 23, 2014

This past weekend, The Nittany Valley Society’s board of directors gathered for the first of its quarterly meetings in 2014. Although most board meetings take place in State College, as is only appropriate given the nature of our mission, the first meeting of each year is held in one of the two major U.S. cities that bookend the Commonwealth. In 2013, the board met at the Philopatrian Literary Institute in Philadelphia, and this year, at Pittsburgh’s historic Omni William Penn.

For as much as the cultural conservation of the Nittany Valley is necessarily rooted in the region’s unique sense of place, there is also another aspect that transcends physical space. The spirit of the Nittany Valley, the bond that holds the Penn State family together, exists as a community in time and of the mind. Traveling outside Happy Valley and spending time in the cities whose growth has defined the Pennsylvanian (and American) story, not only offers the creative stimulus of unfamiliar surroundings, but also reminds us that State College is an epicenter, welcoming generations “at childhood’s gate” and eventually exporting its character and spirit throughout PA and around the world.

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