Nittany Valley Heritage Walk, 2017 Gifts

We are honored to recognize the individuals, families, groups, etc. who have become a part of the Nittany Valley Heritage Walk this year:

  • Nate Hall, Red Brick: “Erica & Nate, ’09 ’11 ’16, We Are…”
  • Lawrence Nespoli, Red Brick: “Larry & Debbie, Nespoli, Go Penn State!”
  • Lawrence Nespoli, Red Brick: “Lauren Nespoli, Class of 2014”
  • Scott J. Scotilla, Bluestone: “The RAMACCIOTTI & SCOTILLA clan, ’84, ’94, ’17”
  • Paul Herzig, Red Brick: “Savannah, SCNO President, 2016-2017”
  • Mark Kent, Red Brick: “Ryan Kent, 2017”
  • Tara Yunkunis, Bluestone: “WE ARE…, THE YUNKUNIS, FAMILY”
  • Ken Palmer, Red Brick: “Thanks JoePa!, Success with Honor!, Team LNKP 2016”
  • Sarah Fogg, Red Brick: “Michael, Janet, Sarah, Julia, The Fogg Family”
  • Megan Renault, Red Brick: “Rodgers, Tailgate Crew, Est. 1990”
  • Luke Brennan, Red Brick: “Nathaniel, Jude, Brennan”
  • Amanda Kurecian, Red Brick: “Peter ‘Bear’ Kurecian ’83, ‘We Are'”
  • Kristen Plock, Red Brick: “Justin IST ’03, Kristen, Maya & Edith Plock”
  • Madeleine Hoopes, Red Brick: “Art Hoopes, Class of ’85, ‘We Are'”
  • Gia Darigo, Red Brick: “WE R… THE DARIGOS, BOB & GALE, GIA (’02) & AUSTIN (’12)”
  • Suzanne D. Medence, Red Brick: “Richard Reinbold, Class of 1960”
  • Brooke Schneider, Red Brick: “Dormy and Ralph, Make today a, Masterpiece!”