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Nittany Valley Heritage Walk, 2019 Gifts

We are honored to recognize the individuals, families, groups, etc. who have become a part of the Nittany Valley Heritage Walk this year: Stephanie Curtis, Red Brick: We Are / The Curtis Family / Class of ’76 & ’08 Michael Eckenrode, Bluestone: Eckenrode Family / #1 PSU Fans / Don’t Believe / The Other Bricks Diego Santos, Bluestone: Raja Thummala / ...

‘History of Penn State’ course fills up, again

We wrote last year about Penn State’s “HIST 197- History of Penn State” course that debuted for the Fall 2017 semester. It's once again at capacity with a full roster of 49 students registered for the start of classes.

What Virgil Taught Me About Football

Joe Paterno’s “What Virgil Taught Me About Football” appeared in Crisis Magazine in January 1990, and was excerpted from his autobiography “Paterno: By the Book,” coauthored with Bernard Asbell. *** Every one of us at Brooklyn Prep had to take four solid years of mathematics, four years of Latin, and two years of a modern ...

The Importance of Collecting American Indian Legends

An Address by Col. Henry W. Shoemaker, Before the Twenty-second Annual Convention of Keystone Library Association, Altoona, Pa., October 26, 1922. Miss MacDonald, Ladies and Gentleman: I rather suppose that this topic was assigned to me as it relates to a subject that does not cause added work for librarians, and takes the seekers afield ...

Penn State’s ‘Century of Service to the Commonwealth’

A fascinating document from Penn State’s 1955 Centennial celebrations, commemorating the first century of Penn State’s existence. 1855-1955 Penn State- A Century of Service to the Commonwealth

Inspiriting Mount Nittany

Tom Shakely speaks to the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) on February 14, 2018 on Mount Nittany’s significance and historical conservation efforts: As part of his presentation, Tom presented Penn State’s undergraduate student government with the gift of a Square Inch Life Estate Deed to Mount Nittany, a gift of the Nittany Valley Society. Life ...

Nittany Valley Heritage Walk, 2018 Gifts

We are honored to recognize the individuals, families, groups, etc. who have become a part of the Nittany Valley Heritage Walk this year: Scott Milchak, Red Brick: “Scott & Blanca Milchak, un amor sin fin” Kelly Songer, Bluestone: “In honor of Mike & Leslie Songer, August 28, 1982” Carley Roche, Red Brick: “The Roche Family, ...

Nit-A-Nee: A Tradition of a Juniata Maiden

This legendary origin story appears in “The Legends of the Nittany Valley,” and is taken from Henry W. Shoemaker’s 1916 “Juniata Memories: Legends Collected in Central Pennsylvania.” Narrated by Ben Novak.

‘The Class of 1950: A Nostalgic Look Back’ by Thomas E. Morgan

“The Class of 1950: A Nostalgic Look Back” were the remarks of Thomas E. Morgan, Penn State Class of 1950, delivered February 29, 1980. No one could have mistaken Penn State for a sedate Ivy League college during those strained elbow-room-only days of ’46-’50 when GIs and their little sisters and brothers crammed into Pollock ...

Penn State Heritage Trees and Groves, a short documentary

Spencer McCullough, a Nittany Valley Society Novak Fellow, created this short documentary film in 2017 on Penn State’s Heritage Trees and Groves program: It tells of Penn State’s distinctive initiative to conserve and perpetuate a historic atmosphere on campus through perpetuation of its most remarkable living landmarks.