Nittany Valley Press shares historic folklore from Henry Shoemaker and others. While these stories are products of their time, they each shed light on our shared past. Folklore and the oral tradition of sharing stories have always been a part of healthy community life, and in sharing these stories we hope to perpetuate new shared experiences in the Nittany Valley around campfires, along leaf-strewn walks, and in candlelit places.

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Henry W. Shoemaker’s Folklore

Shoemaker’s American Indian folklore and Anglo-settler stories are in the public domain, and generally available through and other sources. Some volumes and addresses of Shoemaker’s are below, for reference. Dr. Simon J. Bronner, a Penn State professor, chronicles Henry W. Shoemaker and others’ efforts to “inspirit the land” of Pennsylvania in his 1996 book Popularizing Pennsylvania: Henry W. Shoemaker and the Progressive Uses of Folklore and History.

Folklore and Stories

The following pieces have been published at the Nittany Valley Society, and more are added periodically.