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Why are the Sustainers and monthly giving so important? Because The Nittany Valley Society is nonprofit and entirely volunteer-driven, Sustainers and their monthly giving provides crucial stability for executing our mission. We don’t have (nor do we want to have, frankly!) staff people or paid assistants whose role is donor management and tracking down and soliciting one-time donors. While we’re, of course, grateful for one-time gifts, it’s just the reality that it’s very difficult for us to annually follow up with everyone each year to renew their charitable gift. Indeed, doing so takes away from the time we have to devote to our mission. Instead we rely on many Sustainers who are willing able able to give some modest monthly amount, whether that’s $10/month or more.

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We understand some people simply aren’t in a position to give monthly, or would just prefer to make a one-time gift. That’s possible by clicking below.

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