Vision 2030

We welcome gifts to our Centre Foundation endowments, wherein 100% of your gift permanently supports our mission. Our endowed funds produce annual operating revenue in perpetuity.

Vision 2030

Vision 2030 is a simple, long-term campaign to reach endowment principals for The Nittany Valley Society’s Centre Foundation endowments, specifically for the Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund to reach $125,000 and for the Novak Fellowship Fund to reach $25,000.

The Nittany Valley Society’s Vision 2030 ensures the mission will continue in perpetuity through Centre Foundation endowments producing perpetual annual revenue to fund basic programming costs through the first half of the 21st century. Since its founding, The Nittany Valley Society has been volunteer-led and has intentionally kept its annual operating budget as slim as possible.

In that spirit of leanness and doing things as efficiently as possible, Vision 2030 will meet its fundraising goals through a modest board “give or get” commitment of ~$8,700 per year. Anyone can help us reach these goals by making a gift today.

  • 2017: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $12,100, Novak Fellowship Fund reaches $19,000
  • 2018: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $20,800, Novak Fellowship Fund reaches $22,000
  • 2019: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $29,500, Novak Fellowship Fund reaches $25,000
  • 2020: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $38,200
  • 2021: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $46,900
  • 2022: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $55,600
  • 2023: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $64,300
  • 2024: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $73,000
  • 2025: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $81,700
  • 2026: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $90,400
  • 2027: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $99,100
  • 2028: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $107,800
  • 2029: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $116,500
  • 2030: Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund reaches $125,200

Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund

The Nittany Valley Renaissance Fund is a Centre Foundation endowment. The Renaissance Fund supports The Nittany Valley Society’s cultural conservation efforts, and helps ensure that the work of fostering spirit and fellowship throughout a diverse Nittany Valley community can be successful. Every gift to The Renaissance Fund helps secure The Nittany Valley Society’s future for generations to come.

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Supporting The Nittany Valley Society’s core programs

  • Nittany Valley Press: Nittany Valley Press’s special collection of books, audiobooks, and digital editions is available to anyone thanks to the Renaissance Fund’s annual support, which also enables distribution of a limited number of complementary copies to Penn State students each academic year.
  • Nittany Valley Heritage Walk: Ensuring perpetual care and maintenance of the Nittany Valley Heritage Walk as an enduring and distinctive part of Downtown State College.
  • Speaking: Sharing the folklore and stories of our larger region are vital ways to ensure the enchantment of “Happy Valley” lingers in the hearts of every generation.

Novak Fellowship Fund

The Novak Fellowship Fund is a Centre Foundation endowment. The Novak Fellowship Fund produces the annual funding for the Novak Fellowship program, which supports a Penn State student in researching the Nittany Valley’s past with the aim of surfacing and sharing little-known aspects of the community’s shared history with new generations. Give Now